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I have listened to Would You Rather Be Paid umpteen times on my Pandora stations and cannot understand the "request" song and/or the joke. Yeah, it's me, the host of that disaster house concert on S. Mountain Rd, Gardner, NY. Wishing you well from Grafton, NH.
just heard you tonight on the radio 1150 am,, you were great. I live across the bridge from jersey in delaware. would like to come see you live when you play in jersey or in the area.. love your voice. Thanks John
Now that I have bought your CDs, I have discovered that you have a fabulous non-comedic ability as well. The song Wolf off your debut CD really isn't funny at all, which I'm imagining is why you don't play it live, but it's a really great song in my opinion! (I still like Toasted Chicken Sandwich better)
Last night at Bang the Drum Brewery in SLO I had commented that I felt "Totally Average Woman" was song for song better than "Her Fabulous Debut," somehow imparting that there were less songs on "Totally Average Woman." You seemed a bit confused, and now I know why. Now that I have bought your CD "Totally Average Woman," I see that there are 12 songs on the CD. Spotify sports only 6 of those songs. I'm happy for more songs and enjoying the album right now! Thanks for coming to SLO and gracing us with your presence! It will be a treasured memory for a very long time.
Carla, I recently saw a video clip of you while searching something unrelated on the web- Such a pleasant surprise to see a Clemson native doing such smart comedy and having such musical talent, at the same time! Kudos. I always wondered why our class never produced any show biz fame; now I know it did- I'll keep following you and hopefully we can come see you next time you're down south; meanwhile, best wishes for continued success!
Won your "Carla Ulbrich: Her fabulous debut" as a door prize and I was in love. Your CD was given as a prize by Steven Keys at a Songwriters at Play showcase at D'ambino Cellers in Paso Robles, California. I see you will be playing in Camarillo, CA, but it appears you won't make it up the coast to San Luis Obispo county. Please come back to SLO county so I can attend one of your concerts. PS: My daughter is a singer-songwriter who wrote songs about her divorce and ex-husband (e.g. "The Marriage is Dead"), so when I heard "Nothing to Say" I have been laughing ever since (and singing the refrain wherever I go).
Thank you, Carla, for being a part of The Doc and Amy Show! Your songs were the highlight of our day and you added much hilarity to the broadcast- hope to have you join us again soon. -Doc
Hey Carla, don't know if you remember me- I'm Van Shepherd from Chick Music in Athens, Ga. I recently heard you have had some health issues and I was hoping you might have time to update me and my fam. We still have fond memories of your days in Athens :)
Carla, Saw you in the Woodlands this past weekend. Thanks for an incredible performance. I hope the rest of your trip went as well. Are those white go-go boots on any of your album covers? That would be worth it alone... Do you mind if I call you "a guitar wielding comedienne"?
Carla, Hello, I just wanted to drop you a line. I do agent work for several guitarist, including Stephen Bennett. In fact, Stephen and I have been good friends for some years now. I have also done some stuff for Richard Smith and Muriel Anderson. I will be seeing Richard in a few months, If I remember correctly, lol. I will be with Muriel when she is down here at the end of the month. I thought you might know Stephen, since he also had kidney failure and had to have a transplant a few short years ago. He had PKD. I also noticed that you had a couple of strokes. I have had a minor stroke, because I have a clotting issue, antiphospholipid antibody syndrome. I also have Lupus, but not SLE, so I am lucky in that respect. Men, generally don’t get lupus, but............I did. Im sorry that you have had to endure some of these health issues at such a young age. I would like to meet you when you are at Millbend this month. I am good friends with Teresa Allen, so I will be there that night. I will also send out some fliers to my email base and post it on facebook as well. I am looking forward to hearing you. Sincerely, Perry Thomas (
You make me smile and laugh. Thankyou.
You keep popping up on my "gals with guitars" Pandora playlist, so I finally clicked over. Glad to make your acquaintance, and am looking forward to exploring more of your work.
I heard Carla on Laugh USA & laughed my fanny off with the song On The Comode Again. The funny part about it is with the exception of female items, the song is about me at least my wife says so.
My daughter recently saw you in CT, and purchased your Live From Outer Space cd for my birthday ! You are one FUNNNNEEEE and talented gal ! I'm a "soon to reture" air traffic controller who does a pretty good job at spoofing songs too ( one of my wayyy toooo many hobbies ). Ever interested in hearing any, EMail me. Thanks for all the laughs ! Frank Adamo Pocasset, MA
Loved your book " How Can you not laugh at at time like this" I also have a chronic illness and it was good to realize I was not the only one who had to deal with all the craziness. Thank you for writing it I had many smiles and giggles.
I just heard a song by you called "What if your girlfriend was gone". I was immediately captured by your voice and style. I had never heard of you until today. I must now get a complete library of your songs. You are a truly fantastic talent.
Carla, My wife and I LOVE your music! I just wanted to let you know someone in Texas constantly smiles because of you. :) Do you happen to go on tours at all? If you're ever in Houston, we'll be there at your show!
Love your musings... Your positivity is inspirational. I also love the F-word song! Have you counted how many times that you've played it? I bet it's not as many times as I've listened to it! May your God go with you Kind Regards Krys
As someone who was recently diagnosed with cancer (at 29) and who has been referred to my entire life as a smart aleck, I can't tell you how much I appreciate your medical humor. ..especially after spending hours upon hours in doctor apts and "treatment." Thank you for the laughs!
Heard you on Michael Stock's show of WLRN this afternoon. Great interview and live performance! Thanks for the music and the smiles!
Ordered three copies of your book; one for me and two others for a couple relatives who could use a laugh. Please book a show in the Raleigh, NC area real soon!
Just discovered you on Pandora (What if your girlfriend was gone...) - loved it! I live in NJ too, hopefully I can catch a show some time :D
I was at your performance at the Harvest Cafe yesterday. I enjoyed your performance. It was quite uplifting and witty.
Played your c.d.s on my Dr. Demento Tribute Show on WSBF-FM, Clemson last Monday, and had good reactions...
I am perplexed as how you found me after all the plastic surgery and working really hard to stay unknown & obscure. Tho I'm thrilled you did. Your stuff if VERY funny. Love it. I hear you come from the smart part of my Father's side. My luck this post will probably turn out to be my top google now. Write me so we can trade some stories - good material for both of us!
Great show today at Rutgers! Really lifted the crowds spirits with some good music and funny lines.
Hey Carla, Please book a show with David Sardihna for the *new* Six String Cafe! Cliff
Loved the music. We know Glenn Houndog Hanson and love his music. It was fun to hear you sing it, too!!
57 1/2 years old - sandwich generation caregiver full time worker - driving home from second job at 9 PM - Scranton to Pittston - listening to WVIA homegrown music - "my name is Carla. . ." - first belly laugh I've had in months. Thanks.
Carla - thanks for turning me on to your Pandora station; now I'm blowing all my tip money on other people's music... enabler.
You're a genius. Can't wait to place order for CD's for me for Christmas honest I've been good onesst.
Greetings! I hit your site after seeing you listed for the upcoming NERFA convention. Hope we can meet and chat - I'll attempt to make it to your G-showcase, assuming I'm not playing mine at the same time! Just don't tell me anything that might get me killed :-) Tom Hitt
Hello, I've heard your songs on Pandora & enjoyed them very much. If you ever get a hankerin' to tour out west, check out Salida, CO & the Salida Cafe Venue. You'd be warmly welcomed & much appreciated!
Thanks! First time I ever laughed about lossing my butt. My doctor act like it was all in my head, God bless you, keep making us crazy people laugh.
Carla, I was looking through my music books and came across the "notespeller" you gave me at the National Guitar Summer Workshop in 1996 in Redlands, CA. You taught me finger picking class and I played and sang "Running Bare" which my uncle wrote. It was an amazing week and I loved every day. It was GREAT to see how well you are doing and I look forward to becoming the a fan of yours again. Take care and I always wish you the best.
I've been a fan since college. You were funny then and only gotten better with age. I was thrilled to find you again.
I grew up with lots of Nancy, Kathy and Sues. Never did I dream of meeting another Carla Ulbrich. You are amazing!
Love your stuff - are you likely to come Downunder - say to Melbourne for the comedy festival?
Heard your song "What if your butt was gone?" on XM radio tonight. I was actually on my way to a city counsel meeting. I had to somehow hum the song out of my head to get focused! One of the most insightfully funny songs I've heard in a month of Sundays! Great Job!
Hi - all I know of you is your album about being ill. And I think you're wonderful, a genius. That's coming from a man who used to write parodies for a living, but has never been ill - your songs are just great, and I'll say all sorts of good things about your singing and production, too, if you like. BE WELL, BE HAPPY! And thanks for hours of enjoyment. : )
Hi Carla! I experienced your great act and spoke with you at the Boomers show at McLoone's Supper Club in Asbury Park. I'm sending a link to my good musician friends - you are fabulous - thank you! Maureen
Hi Carla, I saw this news story and of course immediately thought of you and your song "Boy Wonder:" I'm near Atlanta and haven't seen you since you played Fiddler's Green about six years ago, though I know you've played here since. Hope to see you again soon!
Hi Carla, Anna and I really enjoyed the show at Roots Coffeehouse on Saturday night. I am glad we had gotten there early to introduce ourselves and talk to you and Joe. You are very down to Earth! Hope to see you again sometime. Paul
hey sweety.. :) Lloyd
A friend sent "On the Commode Again" to us; since my wife & I are past fifty years of age, we can relate to this. Very funny, and thank you for sharing your talent with the world.
Hey Carla, I just decided to check your website out to see if you were going to be heading out to Hummingbird this year. Good to see both versions of the Copyright song listed on your site! Good luck with your book, I'll have to pick up a copy when you get it out there. We all miss hanging out with you at Hummingbird!
Hi Carla, Your performance at the Bluebird Cafe in the summer of 2001 remains one of the best performances I have ever seen. I just unpacked one of your CDs and have been singing "nothing to say" all day. Luckily all of my patients are unconscious. Sorry to hear about all of your medical problems, and also sorry you're apparently not such a fan of us doctors... I wish you all the best.
I've been a fan for a while now, and regret not catching you in Addison, Texas... I was marooned in Carrollton! Austin is just a hop from Kerrville, and Spring is right around the corner! Be safe, and continued success.
I just ordered your cds. I heard your songs when I visited my friend Eric Benjamin Gordon. Jim.
Hey, just heard your stuff on Pandora. You rock! Love your voice!
Carla, I dig your hospital songs. I may do one for moi's own ER tale. Stay on groovin' safari, Tor
Hi Carla, love the new "shocking my eyes are hurting from the glare" pink website. We have seen you several times in Florida but not in about a year or so and need a fix. We traveled from Florida to Maryland to Wash D.C. to Virginia to W. Va. to Ohio to N.C. to S.C. To Georgia and back to Fla last November and played your CD as we drove through S.C. Such a trip as we rocked along the road with folks watching us and probably wondering what was wrong with the folks in our car... it was you.... great when are you returning to Fla? Always, Chris and Yvonne
Great site!!
I discovered a Carla Ulbrich CD (Professional Smart Aleck) while going through the belongs of a recently deceased friend. (How delightful and upbeat is that !?!?) I laughed long and loud to many of the songs. Even in death, as she did in life, she is still finding ways to entertain me. Thank you, Sharon. And thank you, Carla. You're an inspired comedian. And just twisted enough for me to thoroughly enjoy.
It's great to see all the cool places you're playing now! But, you know, NC is a cool place, too. So, hurry back, OK? Miss you! Hey, I'm writing again. Weird. Blessings on your travels... //thom
It's great to see you and hear you and know how great you're doing. Enjoyed reading about you in UNCG Alumi news and we think of you often. Much love, from ole friend of a friend who still considers you a great friend ---take care, Beth
Carla: thx for coming to Studio Joe. Sorry for the low attendance. (I'm the guy who knew Gamble, and know Bresh. Love your work. come back soon.(hope U got your luggage back), don
You make my day!
ELO Carla, some of your material has been streaming over a couple of the itunes stations at work. Funny stuff. Thanks for making the workday go by just a little bit faster.
As my lady just said..we love are a comedic genius thank you thank you thank you
Hey Carla, just wanna tell you that me and my Bob think you are the absolute "bomb".So many of your songs have given us a whole lot of laughter.Not just hilarious, but sometimes hardhitting.(e.g.we dont need a wal-mart.
I wanted to thank you for the time you spent building this page. I will visit your website again. Thank you
Howdy stranger (than me, er no wait...) Its a pretty darn close call. :p I'm off to Africa soon to spend some quality time in the jungle. Peace sistah! que em double u ~(kmw)
News from home. Matt Cooke reporting here from SC. Yeah, yeah, it's me- the guy from high school with red hair. In a round about way I ended up in the upstate again and am now married with GRANDKIDS. Then in a round about way, my wife, who worships some guy named Red Peters brings this cd home for my Christmas present. She had turned me onto the cut on his cd called Hand of the Almighty which I found to be quite inspirational. Then I look at the next song, and it's fing Carla Ulbrich. Then your song is fing awesome, and I love it too. So then I look at your site, and your fing great looking. I love poetic justice. Ain't truth a lot stranger (and more interesting than fiction?). Perhaps we could exchange musical innanities sometime. Congrats on everything. Regards to the family. Loaves of fishes, Matt
Carla, my wife and I very much enjoyed sitting and chatting with you at the Pizza Filk session at this past weekend at WindyCon 34. I look forward to seeing you perform again soon. Be Well. Mike.
Good stuff!! I heard you on red peters new album.
Carla and Joe, it was wonderful to have you stay in our house during the AvalonFest, and want to reiterate, Renee and I thoroughly enjoyed each of your times on stage. You're both incredibly talented people with a lot to share. The time got away from us, I didn't have a chance to mention about my music, and I was going to give you a CD or two I produced. If our schedules weren't crossing so much during the Fest it might have been cool to have a little private gig in our house. Maybe next year :) If you come to the Fest again, you're welcome to stay with us if you desire.
Hey Carla. I was one of the campers at Hummingbird one year when you were there.. week 7 or 8. You made a big impact on us! Good luck with everything you do. I still love your live album: Professional Smart Aleck. Makes me crack up every time. Good luck!
I just heard songs from "Sick Humor" on WVIA tonight, and (unfortunately) could identify with way too many of those songs. Thanks for making me laugh about things that make me want to cry!! (Speaking of prednisone, add to your song: it can give you diabetes!)
Hi Carla, I see that you are in the UK right now, I'm sure they love you just as much as we Americans do. ;-D I wish I could have seen you when you were in my neighborhood. You rank right up there in my book with Weird Al, which is quite a compliment. You are one of those musicians/comedians who appeal to such a wide variety of people that my kids (older) love you as much as I do. Take care and best wishes to you and yours!
Thanks for the wonderful show at Waldo's in Waco(who the heck is Waldo? I don't have a clue). My favorite since I first heard you on Dr Demento: the F-word song! Now I know how you do your own bleeps while playing the guitar. Pure genius! Did you patent that "carlamonica"?
I just purchased 3 of your albums at the Mad Music Archive's MP3 store. Can I get you to sign them? Dino
I was fun hearing you perform at MarsCon especially your duet with a klingon
Whilst listening to BBC Radio 2 on Saturday I heard your song, 'What if your butt was gone' I couldn't stop laughing and had to order your cd from cdbaby. I had never heard of you before ... I think your wit is brilliant and you put into words and song what so many people think. What a great sense of humour. Can't wait for your cd to arrive. What a discovery .... so refreshing to listen to.
love your twisted mind. hope you come to CA some time this year, preferably the bay area.
Saw you in Hinsdale tonight -- you were TERRIFIC! I've been a fan for 10 years, and can't believe I FINALLY got to see you in person!!!
Keep up the great work!!!
Great Voice!!! Awsome!!! Hilarious!!! Will write back soon :) - Loved your show!!!! :) -Captain/Admirial James T. Kirk the heck are ya?! it has been a long time since you were playing the borders in glad to see you doing so well!!! love ya Bob
just heared you for the first time enjoyed your songs
I've been a fan for a long time, Carla, and have your CDs. I'm looking forward to your gig in Hinsdale, IL in February. See you there!! Happy New Year!
Still waiting for you to come to CA. I'll hook you up with SF-area venues.
Funn stuff but volume too discreet on Force song...couldn't hear with all my audio turned up. But loved the Dubya lyrics. Keep it up.
Heard you on XM, great stuff Im going out to find some cd's cant wait
My husband just had a stroke and is a guitarist. his left side is affected. Are there any special exercises i should teach him. I am also a guitarist and I miss playing with him (both him and his guitar) Ha. Write me. Chrys
i am with a musical comedy revue called Gargerelli and we are playing at Bodles Opera house durning the Hotflash show on 11/04. If you are in the area in 2007 maybe we can co bill at Bodles.We will make them laugh until it hurts and then
i have heard her on several ocasions. Don't miss her!
Saw you tonight in Longview, Texas. Can't say enough good things about you. Thanks for a wonderful show and CD!
Bil(lied) and here I am...Please help the hystersisters with "What if your gonads were gone? I have some lyrics garnered from personal experience if you are interested
Awesome, heard the "if I had the copyright on the word F**K" on the Red Peters countdown. Truly AWESOME!! When are you coming to Australia, you would go down extremely well over here. Drop me an email. Sealy
you're brilliant!